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Univision is a North American Spanish-language free-to-air television network that is owned by Univision Communications. It is the United States' second-largest provider of Spanish-language content, followed by its competitor Telemundo. The network's programming is aimed at the Latino public and includes telenovelas and other drama series, sports, sitcoms, reality and variety series, news programming, and imported Spanish-language feature films. Univision is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, and has its major studios, production facilities, and business operations based in Doral, Florida.

Univision working environment and management are stressful and they won't compensate for extra working hours, an ex-Senior Accountant shared his experience on indeed.com

"This was the worse move I made. These have been the most stressful months of my life! Being micromanaged, can’t take half days. 9-6, working until 10 for 2 weeks during the Quarter end. Also during the month-end, leave late as well for 1 week!! Don’t get compensated for the extra time put in. Only 2 weeks vacation. From the network team, most people leave after 2-6 months. Only 2 people have more than 6 months, that says more than I can explain here."


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Current Employee - Account Executive says

"Too much stress and little pay"

Former Employee - Digital Media Coordinator says

"Everything else. Leadership is terrible, cliquey, racists, sexists, toxic, very low pay, no work life balance in certain departments."

Former Employee - Senior Manager says

"If you are planning to grow professionally this is not the place to be. Should not be considered under 500 best companies to work for. If you show more knowledge than your Manager you will be exploited and harassed even with HR aware of these non workable environment. When you plan to move up you need to be literally kissing your Manager's if not you wont even be considered."

Former Employee - ____ says

"low-pay, disorganized, lots of unrealistic demands and time to get them done, chaotic, old-school traditional company environment, no growth opportunity"

Former Employee - Marketing says

"Worst work environment I have ever been in. The people there are vicious, toxic and overall envious of others. There is no real team work, no support from upper management. At the Director level, they are totally clueless and reckless with how they run their department. Overall terrible experience."


"If you can intern somewhere else, please do so. DO NOT join this program. It was a reality show, seriously disgusting. For starters, this program is an illusion. We were brought in as the best journalists in our class but we were treated like children. Lectures were on how to use our phones to film, editing on Premiere Pro, how to take good shots, etc. All things we already knew how to do as seniors. No hands on learning, no useful tools like how to use inews or other Adobe programs. There was no consistency and no drive from guest lectures to see us grow. We were assigned to create content for Univision markets and our performance would be graded on that except the majority of the markets did not give us assignments and when they did, it was busy work (if you even got that lucky). They did not care about our growth. Program leaders and professors would subtly pin us against each other to create content on our own except even when we did, our markets didn't want it neither did the Miami market. We would push social campaigns, come up with ways to bring our generation to our platform but no one cared about it. Instead, all of the work went into a tracker that was ultimately for show. Even our professor told us it was for show so that the programs creator would look good at the end for the donors and the heads of the company. Disgusting. The only thing I learned from this experience is what to expect from a toxic work culture in this industry. PLEASE if you can intern somewhere else do so, if you can write for the school's news platforms even better. THIS PROGRAM IS NOT WORTH IT."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"All the cons you can think off Horrible Disaster Mess Worst"

Cash Applications says

"Pay, Management, people being promoted, procedures, culture. Everyone is used to a messy and toxic environment. Come to work late everyday, be rude, be lazy but kiss bosses’ rears and you will be promoted for sure. Most Managers and VPs can’t even say good morning and when you’re new they look at you as if you have a contagious disease. You will spend most of the time on a regular day fixing errors than actually making some progress. Rude coworkers (the ones being promoted) come late, have FaceTime conversations on speaker, take 4-5 30minute brakes plus lunch, watch Netflix, YouTube and shop on Amazon all day and complain about other employees. HR “investigations” on issues are a joke."

Former Employee - Sound Designer says

"Lack of Management Lack of team work No growth/development No raises Lack of Ambiguity Full of false hopes There's unions inside. huge separation between the people who work work and those who look like their working and always in meetings. In other words, they'll blame the working class/depart because they had nothing to do with it"

Former Employee - Regional Digital Sales Manager says

"-Poor management pool. -Antiquated processes -Zero training plan -unrealistic time to ramp up and make a difference. -Left hand/right hand lack of communication between departments"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Bad company to work for the manipúlate you and bad pay. Just try to work for them. You will see everything there is a mafia and only people that knows the boss yes pay the others are just there suffering"

Show Director (Former Employee) says

"When I came to work at Univision in 2009 I was happy but by 2014 it was a living nightmare. The managers take all the money for themselves and get a bonus for doing so. Horrible place, you can't even trust the janitors. They like to grab experienced people with degrees and sit them with unexperienced and under educated individuals. I was replaced by a former bag boy from Sedanos grocery store. I have degrees and have worked in broadcasting for over 15 years. They use you then make your life a living nightmare with no promotions nor raises so you can leave. HR helps the managers and turns your claims around against you. I went to HR to complain but next thing I know I get a memo and called a lyer. I learned absolutely nothing working at Univision but many grew using me as a stepping stone."

Senior Manager (Former Employee) says

"It is by far a serious corporate company. Personnel get exploited at all times within the approval and knowledge of HR. There is discrimination among top management and executive's. In order to move up is not based on your skills or knowledge but rather your friendship within your direct reports."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"If you like working under high stress for low compensation with a somber but yet scandalous office culture, go head and apply. Management is literally just a collective of egotistic upgraded sales people with absolutely no sense of proper business ethics to run an appreciated team. There’s absolutely no room for growth especially if you preform your duties adequately because management will just say “oh but you’re great at what you already do”; unless you’re willing to bite the bullet and decide to toss aside business ethics or integrity out the window just to get in a managerial position. It’s a dog eat dog world there, and I would 10/10 *not* recommend.Insurance plan is okay.Ridiculous management"

Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"waste of time dont need to say anything else if you dont know anyone you wont move up and they let go of people real quick they dont care for the employees"

Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This place is incredible mediocre. How can a person be a News director if he has not any reporter experience? That show is a disaster and a fast food company pays more than Univision to their professional workers, how can they pay $12 the hour for a multi task journalist?. the pay part time but make you work more. And the anchor for the local news, is very rude."

Communications (Current Employee) says

"They treat their employees like trash. Management is a complete disaster and doesn't know how to manage a department. There isn't job security and every year during the holidays, employees are cut off and given a horrible severance package. The company is cheap with their employees and no longer hosts a Christmas party or even a basic lunch for the holidays. Overall the culture is very "latino" and everyone gossips, works backwards, and makes the atmosphere terrible to work in.Free tickets to some awards showsGossip, Unfair pay, Benefits could be better, Job instability"

Ad Operations Coordinator / Media Planner (Former Employee) says

"Sometimes expectations to complete the amount of work needed takes more than the time in the day. Thank you for being understanding when you know an employee is doing their best. Continue to take pride in your work and your team."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"it was fun but didn't last long because company closed down its typical and the management was poor the culture was fantastic making calls and getting a client was the hardest I enjoyed bringing in a clientfree lunchshort hours"

Local Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"worst place to work. do not care about you. just a number. Management will through you under the bus just to cover their back."

Sales Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"worst paid in the industry, employees burnt out. Upper management doesn't know how to run a company. I do not recommend ever pursuing a career at Univision."

Senior Account & Training Manager(Contract) says

"•Reported to VP Training & Operations, IT Director, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer.•Handled Client account in relation to training & recruiting needs worth U.S. 10 Million.•Provided sales training covering the project background, products, objectives, goals with all project team members and support staff.•Develop instructional materials for technical and non-technical users including facilitator & participant guides, participant materials, e-training modules, job aids, multimedia visual aids, style guides to support all documentation and other training templates by using SnagIt, PowerPoint & Word.•Skilled in web-based training for customers, using software applications such as Place-ware and Genesys.•Provide input to the Client Services strategy in terms of rollout of Training sessions.•Created e-training modules and uploaded lesson/modules to company intranet/learning’s website.•Conducted Training Gap analysis and provided reports to senior manager with plan for learning outcomes.•Ensured challenging deadlines were met while meeting client’s budget guidelines by overseeing all day-to-day program activities including report generation, quality control, and compiling.•Coordinated with Data Department, IT Department, Dialer Administrator, Contact Centre, Tech Support, VP Sales Consultants & Accounts department to meet client deliverables.•Accounts: Financial Institutions – CIBC, MBNA Bank., ST. Jude Children’s Research Hospital U.S.A, Humane Society of Greater Akron U.S.A, Focus on the Family Ministry U.S.A, DAA, AmCham Canada, Tyndale College &client relations and marketing/communicationscompany closed down"

Lighting Director (Former Employee) says

"The worse ever, it was a nightmare it was something I did to learn about lighting, colorimetry, etc. I also learned the value of liberty."

Digital Content Producer for Univision Deportes Network (Former Employee) says

"Las probabilidades de crecer a nivel profesional son mínimas. Los sueldos no son buenos y no valoran la experiencia profesional ni el compromiso de sus trabajadores."

News Producer (Former Employee) says

"An incompetent news director that has no clue on what news is, to the fact that she is more worried in attending social events with her husband than on the logistics and efficiency of her team. Toxic environment of favoritism, and discrimination. The news director Lies consistently and opens files on people she doesn’t like. Univision, please do yourself a favor: remove her from that position."

WEB AND AUDIENCE ANALYST (Former Employee) says

"This is probably one of the worst companies I ever worked for. They think they are the coolest company in the industry but it is not true. In order to move up in the corporate ladder you have to be friends with CEO and VPs. Your work actually has little to do with moving up. The work environment is relaxed, way too relaxed..."cafecitos" every hour and socializing with coworkers seems to be a priority in this company's culture. I have never seen so many back stabbing people and so many lay offs in a company than in Univision.coffee, relaxed work environmentlong hours, salaries are not good (unless you are an executive)"

Accounting Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Heavy work loads due to the new hub structures and employee lay offs. The employees that survived the layoffs of the past 2 years have taken on more roles and duties without compensation or the feeling of appreciation. No longer a community focus, but more of a corporate and money saving mind set. NO FUN ANYMORE!Riding on the OLD idea of what Univision meant to the marketCorporate mindset, no compensations"

Producer/Board Operator (Former Employee) says

"it is a very political work environment. you have to know the right person to get in, you have to know to the right person to get ahead. i was there for a very long time and never got moved up, i saw women come in at a entry level and a few months later they would be on air talent. very suspicious."

Intern-Log Editor (Former Employee) says

"I accepted an internship here back in 2016 as a log editor. I was properly trained by another log editor, but management was unprofessional. The training was pretty basic. While I was there I was approached by IT with the idea of being on TV and Human Resources. I had no interest but I still sat down with Human Resources as they wanted to speak with me. The meeting was more about my relationship with IT (BTW I just meet these people on my first day). On my last day there, my team left me by myself at my cubical and had a team meeting without telling me (obviously this meeting was about me). Then Human Resources called me into their office and explained that my assignment was over. NoneHigh turn over rate, ego that they should leave at the door, If you speak English and Spanish fluently and without an accent, they don't like you."

Commercial Producer (Former Employee) says

"I worked about 82 hours each week and sometimes more. I would not get paid overtime - salary they call it. They promised they would give me comp days for the Saturdays, Sundays and holidays I had to work and I lost them all when they let me go. They would call in personal favors like working 36 hour shifts to finish some marketing reel or something else and would not consider those favors owed. I finally left because I was owned by them on Saturdays also. If i did something in my personal time they would inquire about it. Not recommended. Besides they are trying to go public but they cant sell anything and they are up to their necks in debt. Every thanksgiving you would see lay offs like clock work. I worked almost 7 years and not a raise. You will always be afraid you are next in line for the lay off.medium to high compensation, good health benefits and $4000 towars education each year.no breaks. they own you. WE CALLED IT UNIPRISION."

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